Digital learning rebooted

Digital learning rebooted is the latest in our series of reports, From fixes to foresight: Jisc and Emerge Education insights for universities and startups

Our student populations live their lives digitally, as do many academics, yet the campus has clung to its physical estate and, in a sense, merely tolerated the addition of a virtual learning environment.

The global pandemic has demonstrated that both the physical and virtual estate need to be developed with equal commitment. Our virtual campuses must become equal-status elements of our existence as universities. This will require fnancial investment.

This report, developed through conversations with both universities and the edtech world, expresses with great elegance the need for this investment and development to be done intentionally, seamlessly and in a supportive manner. To be intentional in the way in which we conceive and build the virtual estate; to provide the seamless experience our students expect from their other digital interactions – and all done in a way in which learning is supported.

This involves technology in helping personalise the education experience but also means that we must be aware of the risk of embedding new inequalities just as we are starting to challenge the signifcant disparities of attainment on our campuses.

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