Learn more about how Step Up saves time for institutional leaders, procurement and IT specialists.

Step Up aims to support collaboration between innovative edtech startups and UK institutions. Our services directly support startups showcasing their robust and innovative products and processes, which you can learn more about via the Startup Page. Our services also support the institutions that Step Up companies engage with in a number of productive ways.

Our institutional FAQ provides a more in-depth look at what Step Up can do for you and your institution. 

If you are interested in participating in the ongoing conversation around how best procurement and IT specialists can work with edtech startups procured by their institutions, we would love for you to attend our exclusive round table event in May. Please email edtech@jisc.ac.uk to learn more.

COMING SOON: Workflows for how Procurement and IT specialists at UK institutions can best make use of Step Up resources to save their teams time procuring and working with edtech startups.