Assessment rebooted

Assessment Rebooted is the latest in our series of reports, From fixes to foresight: Jisc and Emerge Education insights for universities and startups

Evaluating and measuring learning outcomes is fundamental to all education systems. Over recent years, universities have been considering the potential presented by emerging technologies but progress was slow and the predominant mode of summative assessment continued to be pen and paper – until March 2020.

In this report we look at how universities have come up with rapid and scalable ‘fixes’ in an emergency situation, illustrated with short case studies involving seven universities. These approaches, and the challenges universities have faced, reveal some of the tradeoffs institutions are making and the gaps in the current system. 

Beyond that crisis, what vision might we have for a future that offers not a quick fix but a managed transformation to a well-designed assessment system? We look ahead to 2030 and to a goal of digital assessment that is relevant, adaptable and trustworthy. How do we move from here to there? What can we learn from the experiences of this spring/summer 2020? What does higher education need in order to get us there? 

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Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash