Value Proposition

Morressier is the world’s leading platform for early-stage research, providing conference content management tools, powerful data and analytics, and prescient insights into tomorrow’s scientific breakthroughs.

Assessment Statement

Morressier has been assessed in April 2020 and is judged to be ready for full scale implementation. Based on our assessment the company has the capabilities for implementation at multiple institutions.

Morressier is used by over 220 scientific societies, universities and companies worldwide, including more than 5 in the UK. The company meets all legal and technical requirements, is financially stable, and has a consistent pricing model. The product has strong evidence of user satisfaction, good onboarding and implementation processes, and closely involve customers in product development.

Institutions we have worked with

Customer testimonials

“Morressier was selected as the platform for SciMeetings due to their commitment to developing tools that enable conferences posters, presentations, abstracts, datasets, videos, and supporting files to be widely discoverable.”

Dr. Tammy Hanna, Director of New Product Innovation ACS Publications American Chemical Society

“Our partnership with Morressier will meaningfully enhance the SPIE conference attendee experience and expand access to important research through the SPIE Digital Library platform.”

Dr. Kent Rochford, CEO SPIE SPIE

Problem & Solution

Conferences play an essential role in the scientific ecosystem as the place where research is first shared and where scientists discover the latest breakthroughs in their fields. They are particularly important for early-career researchers, who use the events to present and discuss their ideas and to start building a professional reputation among their peers. For those researchers, being able to maximise the exposure of their conference content can provide a major career boost.

However, as is the case for much of the early research process, conference content is traditionally kept offline and hidden from the wider scholarly ecosystem, dramatically slowing down scientific progress. By not sharing posters, presentations, and conference proceedings in a structured way, universities, societies, and other research organisations miss out on public and private partnership opportunities. On top of this, current research information systems do not cover the entire research process, in particular early-stage findings, resulting in major blind spots.

Morressier builds the bridge between academic conferences and publishing research organisations. Over the past six years, Morressier’s powerful platform and digital enhancement services have helped institutions and societies to host, share, integrate, and increase the recognition of their early-stage research.

Key contact info

Name: Sami Benchekroun
Title: Founder and Managing Director

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